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Chords to some of the songs by Paul Weller from The Jam, The Style Council and Solo, plus the Paul Weller Guitar Archive
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Over time I’ve found some awesome work online by individuals who have created tuition videos and “How To” guides or chordbooks to teach anyone interested how to play the music of the UK singer/songwriter Paul Weller. Those individuals shared the results of their efforts freely for fans of Paul Wellers music to make use of to learn the songs. all credit to those individuals.

In that spirit I’m sharing the Chordbooks I managed to obtain copies of but which seem to have since vanished in the hope that it spreads these terrific assets further afield.

I can’t claim any credit for any of the work here. The chordbooks and associated artwork come mainly from a user on the old Paul Weller forum over on the Little Splinters website when that was around. I never met Dodger and have no idea where he/she disappeared to. I’m sharing their awesome work here in the hope that it’s of use and that they get the credit they deserve. If Dodger is still around – please accept a sincere “thank you” from this fan of Pauls music. I’m not an accomplished player but I try and your chordbooks helped immensely.

In addition to the chordbooks from Dodger, there’s a copy of the old “Paul Weller Guitar Archive” (PWGA) which was curated and maintained many years ago by Christian Korbanka. I never knew Christian but I made use of the PWGA and am sharing it here in the hope that it’s recognised as the asset it is. All credit to Christian.


You’ll find links to the files themselves below. Feel free to download the PDF file by clicking the “Download Now” links and save the files to your local storage space. Enjoy the content. Please remember to credit the original authors not me.

Paul Weller (Solo) Chordbook
Size: 2.7MB
Published: 22 December 2020
The Style Council Chordbook
Size: 981KB
Published: 22 December 2020
The Jam Chordbook
Size: 1.5MB
Published: 22 December 2020
Paul Weller Guitar Archive
Size: 4.2MB
Published: 22 December 2020